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  1. Application security redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 5)

    In this article we'll provide a summary of the PowerShell cmdlets that Microsoft has made available for AppLocker... Read More

  2. The return of macro attacks

    Macro attacks are on the rise. Microsoft suggests that 98% of Office-targeted threats are utilising macros presently. Let’s revisit macros, this old-fashioned form of attack - consider ways to deter the threat and look at the new Microsoft Office 2016 feature released to help defend organisations against the resurge in macro attacks... Read More

  3. Introduction to Microsoft Azure Security Center

    Security in the cloud can be complicated. It doesn’t have to be though. Have a look at Microsoft’s new Azure Security Center... Read More

  4. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 4)

    In this Part 4, we'll be delving into Microsoft’s AppLocker, which was introduced in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 and grew out of the previous Software Restrictions Policies feature... Read More

  5. Top 10 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Data Leakage

    Data is arguably the most important asset in any organization. The implications of corporate data getting into the wrong hands could potentially be catastrophic. This document is going to give you some hopefully useful tips to help you protect yourself against the risks of data leakage... Read More

  6. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 3)

    In this Part 3 we’ll discuss how you can block undesirable applications and restrict what users are able to do with the apps that you do allow them to use... Read More

  7. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 2)

    In this Part 2, we’re going to start with a look at how to protect applications from tampering or access and also take a closer look at the special case of mobile applications... Read More

  8. Prioritise your Security Controls - Protect, Detect and Remediate (Part 2)

    This article will focus on the further requirement for detection and remediation once an attack has occurred... Read More

  9. Application Security Redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 1)

    In this article series, we'll begin with a broad overview of application security, how it's evolved, and why it's so important. Then we'll get more specific and talk about the components of an application security plan and different ways to accomplish the goals that you set... Read More

  10. AWS IoT

    This article serves as a brief introduction to the platform addition to AWS, AWS IoT... Read More

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