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  1. Ransomware-let’s fight back!

    Although ransomware has been established for a very long time: recently people have been made more conscious of ransomware and are more knowledgeable of what it is, including its regular occurrences. Albeit not new, the impact of ransomware has likely become more far reaching and more serious with time. Businesses are more reliant on digital data and IT systems and... Read More

  2. Shielded VMs in Server 2016

    In this article we'll look at Shielded VMs in the latest version of Windows Server 2016... Read More

  3. The Ultimate Guide to Addressing Web Security Vulnerabilities

    This article looks at addressing web security vulnerabilities... Read More

  4. PAM in Server 2016

    In this article we're going to look at how the PAM features of Server 2016 can be leveraged to help you make your environment more secure than ever... Read More

  5. Drones - Another threat to security

    The IoT is happening all around us. One such notable elaboration in this area is drones. Drones, also referred to as unmanned aircraft systems, are quickly finding their way into IoT applications. It is estimated that the drone market may exceed $80billion by 2025. The possibilities for this technology are great however the security concerns (both cybersecurity and physical) must... Read More

  6. Application security redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 8)

    In this, Part 8 and the last installment of our series, we will continue the application data protection story as we delve a little deeper into the challenges inherent in developing an effective data security strategy and particularly the problems of securing mobile device data and securing data that’s stored in the cloud... Read More

  7. Changing face of Compliance and data protection

    The revised data protection laws for Europe have been agreed. By late May 2018 the regulation will be enforced - although at a glance this seems quite some time away, the amount of work and changes that most organisations must undertake to reach compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is extensive. We should not delay but rather... Read More

  8. Security visibility in the cloud

    In this article, we’ll provide an overview of how Microsoft and Amazon are giving customers more visibility into and control over cloud security resources... Read More

  9. Azure Security Infrastructure

    This article provides you an inside look into the Network Security chapter in the upcoming book – Azure Security Infrastructure... Read More

  10. Application security redux: It’s All about the Apps (Part 7)

    In this, Part 7, we will address the last bullet point in our list of topics as we talk about encryption and protection of the data that is created, gathered or stored by applications... Read More

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