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  1. Video: Generating Active Directory Group Members Recursively

    This video explains the process of generating active directory members recursively... Read More

  2. Securing Your Lync Server (Part 3)

    This article looks at some security tips specific to using Lync across the Internet and with users outside the organization... Read More

  3. Securing Your Lync Server (Part 2)

    In this article we'll go over the common threats to Lync servers, provide some tips and tricks for hardening your Lync server and the Lync database, and discuss how to plan and configure two-factor authentication for Lync... Read More

  4. Securing Your Lync Server (Part 1)

    In this, Part 1 of this series on securing your Lync server, we'll take a look at what Microsoft Lync is, how it works, and the security mechanisms and management tools that are built in... Read More

  5. Securing and Auditing Windows Active Directory (Part 1)

    This article series discusses securing and auditing your Windows environment... Read More

  6. Windows Compliance vs Security

    This article discusses how to ensure good security by not only including compliance, but also security controls... Read More

  7. Video: Securing Service Accounts - Part 2

    This video is the second part of two video series explaining securing of Service Accounts... Read More

  8. Video: Securing Service Accounts - Part 1

    This video is the first part of two videos explaining securing of Service Accounts... Read More

  9. Complacency: the 8th Deadly Sin of IT Security (Part 3)

    In Part 3, we’ll discuss some tips for maintaining vigilance without going overboard... Read More

  10. Complacency: the 8th Deadly Sin of IT Security (Part 2)

    In this article we’ll discuss some types of security breach attempts we commonly dismiss as “too obvious” that might merit taking a second look, particularly those of the social engineering variety that target you rather than your users... Read More

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