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  1. De-provisioning Users in Active Directory

    This article takes a look at ways to de-provision separated employees in Active Directory... Read More

  2. Secure Sharing: Collaboration without Compromise (Part 1)

    In this multi-part article, we’re going to discuss the problem of why secure sharing is essential to business today and how to enable users to collaborate without compromising your data and network... Read More

  3. Third-Party Software is a Security Threat (Part 2)

    In this article we will look at the arguments of why it’s important to be aware of more of the threats of using third-party software... Read More

  4. Shellshock the bashbug vulnerability

    In this article we will look at what the shellshock bashbug is all about. We also cover mitigation strategies to help you thwart against such a vulnerability, so that when the next one occurs you are ready... Read More

  5. Third-Party Software is a Security Threat (Part 1)

    In these two articles we will explore the areas that enterprise need to focus on as a security conscious company to ensure that loose ends are pinned down to improve our overall security posture... Read More

  6. Video: Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3: A detailed look

    This video demonstrates the process of using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.3... Read More

  7. Video: Generating Active Directory Group Members Recursively

    This video explains the process of generating active directory members recursively... Read More

  8. Securing Your Lync Server (Part 3)

    This article looks at some security tips specific to using Lync across the Internet and with users outside the organization... Read More

  9. Securing Your Lync Server (Part 2)

    In this article we'll go over the common threats to Lync servers, provide some tips and tricks for hardening your Lync server and the Lync database, and discuss how to plan and configure two-factor authentication for Lync... Read More

  10. Securing Your Lync Server (Part 1)

    In this, Part 1 of this series on securing your Lync server, we'll take a look at what Microsoft Lync is, how it works, and the security mechanisms and management tools that are built in... Read More

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