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  1. Shift in Security Focus - The People Problem (Part 1)

    People contribute a gaping hole in security in many ways. In this article we will focus on people as the security gap and ways in which this can be addressed within the organisation to enhance the security posture... Read More

  2. Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 7)

    In this Part 7 we will get into the nitty gritty of enabling and configuring Microsoft’s MFA options... Read More

  3. Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 6)

    In this, Part 6, we’ll talk about multi-factor authentication in Microsoft’s cloud services and specifically, in preparation for detailed instructions on how to deploy it in Office 365 and using it to protect other Microsoft applications in the Azure cloud... Read More

  4. Cryptolocker Mitigation Strategies Explained

    CryptoLocker ransomware, a malware for extorting money, remains an evident concern for many. Once infected you are not left much choice but to pay your way out or say goodbye to your documents or data. The answer to this attack is prevention rather than cure, in this article we will consider the ways to prevent or avoid falling victim to... Read More

  5. Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 5)

    In part 5 we'll continue showing you how to implement each of the identity models and providing some tips for best practices that will ensure your users have the greatest protections possible for their Office 365 connections with whichever identity model you ultimately choose... Read More

  6. Video: Viewing Managed Service Accounts and hosts using a free tool

    This video demonstrates viewing managed service accounts and hosts using a free tool... Read More

  7. Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 4)

    Here in Part 4, we turn our focus to the very important topic of identity management in the cloud and particularly how identity management works in Office 365... Read More

  8. Embracing The Internet of Things as well as its Security Challenges (Part 2)

    In this second part of the article series we consider which forces are helping to drive the growth of the IoT in business and how we as manufactures and administrators can approach security of the IoT to contend with the challenges... Read More

  9. Microsoft Ignites a new Focus on Security (Part 3)

    In this, Part 3, we’ll look more closely at the Ignite presentations regarding what Microsoft is doing about security in the cloud and specifically in Office 365... Read More

  10. Video: Recover Deleted Active Directory Objects Without the Recycle Bin: FREE

    This video demonstrates recovering deleted Active Directory Objects... Read More

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