Windows OS Security

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  1. Video: Auditing vs Advanced Auditing Configurations - Part 1

    Microsoft has added new auditing options to Windows Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 computers and above. The new auditing controls more granular areas of your computer, reducing the overall security log entries so you can audit more of what you want and less of what you don’t need. In this first part video we will look at the configurations of each... Read More

  2. Least Privilege Eases Whitelisting Requirements

    The author explains how least privilege can ease whitelisting requirements... Read More

  3. IT Admins and Security Auditors

    In this article, the author discusses the pitfalls of security audits when administrators and auditors do not work well together... Read More

  4. Video: Importing Custom Settings Into Group Policy Production using Security Compliance Manager (SCM)

    This video explains the process of importing custom settings into Group Policy Production using Security Compliance Manager... Read More

  5. Video: Importing GPOs into Security Compliance Manager (SCM)

    This video explains the process of importing GPOs into Security Compliance Manager 2.5... Read More

  6. Video: SCM 2.5 Creating GPOs from Baselines

    This video demonstrates the process of conversion of SCM baselines into GPOs... Read More

  7. Video: Security Compliance Manager 2.5: Understanding Baselines

    This video introduces Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 2.5 and explains the concept of baselines... Read More

  8. Video: User Rights - Server vs Domain Controller

    This video explains the concept of user rights for a Windows server, compared to that of a Windows domain controller... Read More

  9. To Whitelist or To Not Whitelist

    In this article the author investigates whitelisting methods as a way to control which applications users can use, as opposed to privilege management solutions which can dramatically reduce the attack surface within an organization... Read More

  10. Myths of Securing Windows Desktops (Part 2)

    In part two of this article about Securing Windows desktops, the author discusses endpoint firewalls, data protection, and whitelisting of applications as to make sure that readers are fully aware of the capabilities and limitations of each security solution... Read More

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