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    Deb Shinder is MS SECURITY. An Enterprise Security MVP, she has the “inside story” on all topics related to securing Microsoft networks, from the server all the way down to the network-connected smart phone. Her blog will address Microsoft’s security products and technologies including those built into the operating system (access controls and permissions, EFS, BitLocker, etc.), network security technologies... Read More

  • George Chetcuti Blog Feed

    George Chetcuti is a promoter of effective IT governance and IT security best practices. With a personal experience of many years managing complex setups, his contribution to this community is to provide security related info and tips. This blog is aimed at increasing security awareness among IT professionals... Read More

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  • Season’s Greetings 22 Dec. 2014 George Chetcuti

    In warm appreciation for your viewership during the past year, we extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season.

  • January Newsletters Teaser 19 Dec. 2014 George Chetcuti

    Topics covered in,,, and monthly newsletters...

  • Security evaluation of AIS – A maritime safety system 18 Dec. 2014 George Chetcuti

    Trend Micro expects to see a rise in the number of attacks against cyber-physical systems in the near future.

  • Broken cryptography in Android apps 17 Dec. 2014 George Chetcuti

    Developers use encoding for protecting sensitive data but encoding is not encryption and hence can easily be decoded.

  • Cross-Signed Certificates Crash Android 16 Dec. 2014 George Chetcuti

    Trend Micro security experts discovered a vulnerability in Android that affects how cross-signed certificates are handled.

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