Is Google getting more Apple-like when it comes to protecting you from yourself?

by [Published on 7 Nov. 2013 / Last Updated on 11 Nov. 2013]

There are both good and bad aspects of having an "overly protective" mom hovering over you all the time. But it seems all software vendors are moving in that direction, for better or worse.

One of the reasons many IT pros and power users liked Google's software in the past was because it treated you like an adult. It apprised you when you might be doing something risky and then let you decide for yourself whether you wanted to take that risk. It seems that's coming to an end, at least when it comes to installing Chrome browser extensions. Now instead of just telling you that an extension is trying to install from outside the Chrome web store, Google is going to start blocking external extension sources. Good thing or bad?

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DEBRA LITTLEJOHN SHINDER, MCSE, MVP (Security) is a technology consultant, trainer and writer who has authored a number of books on computer operating systems, networking, and security.

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