Before clicking 'Start scan' in the control below, please read the warning and legal information on the TrojanScan overview page.

TrojanScan provides you with these options:

How to add folders

To add a folder, first click on 'Add folder to selection'. Select your folder from the popup window and click the 'OK' button. Your selection should now appear in the TrojanScan window.

Important note

The 'Abort scan' function will not be available during the first few minutes of the scan, since TrojanScan will be scanning your running processes and modules. Once the TrojanScan begins scanning your selected folders, the 'Abort scan' function will be available.

By running the Scanner, you agree to share anonymous information about detected Malware for statistics purposes.

Note: TrojanScan can only run if you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or later as your browser. If you are using IE 5 or later but still cannot run this test, your IE settings are not allowing the TrojanScan service to run.
Go back to perform the scan again.

The TrojanScan is able to scan your system and give details of any Trojans found. To remove the Trojans from your system, please go to the a-squared Personal home page.

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The TrojanScan is licensed from Emsi Software GmbH.

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