Email Security Services

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Email Security Services

  1. Email Systems email protection

    Email Systems' protection provides a first line of defence against all email threats including viruses, spam, malware, denial of service attacks and directory harvesting. Businesses are further protected against legal action with image and content filters. Benefits: Virus protection using multiple virus engines to scan each received mail; Protection to new outbreaks - the ‘Zero Hour'; Protection from Denial of... Read More

  2. SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP Servers

    SecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers provides affordable inbound and outbound email security with a powerful spam filter that serves as a Microsoft Exchange or SMTP firewall. Its multiple analysis tools separate threats from legitimate email, while leveraging proven anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and anti-spoofing technologies to produce a 99% spam blocking rate and achieve nearly zero false-positive results. SecurityGateway... Read More

  3. VeriSign Email Security Service

    VeriSign Email Security Service offers a scalable and reliable anti-spam solution for protecting enterprises from spam and viruses today. VeriSign offers a comprehensive set of email security services: Spam Filtering; Virus Scanning; Content and Policy Filtering; Disaster Recovery Outbound Services include virus scanning, content and policy filtering on outbound messages to ensure email messages meet corporate legal and regulatory compliance... Read More

  4. Mailprotector

    Mailprotector has grown into a complete managed security suite providing uninterrupted virus and vulnerability scanning, spam and phishing filtration, attack and email backup protection to more than 1,500 organizations on five continents. Mailprotector is a completely managed, deployable service. You don't have the hassle of installing, updating or maintaining another piece of software. And, you don't have to try and... Read More

  5. MX Logic Email Defense Service

    The MX Logic Email Defense Service works at the network perimeter to identify, quarantine, block and strip suspect email messages before they can enter the messaging infrastructure, based on customer preferences established in the MX Control ConsoleSM. Unlike appliances and enterprise software solutions that require integration, migration and a significant amount of ongoing maintenance, the MX Logic Email Defense Service... Read More

  6. Symantec Hosted Mail Security

    Symantec Hosted Mail Security for small business offers enterprise-strength antispam and antivirus technologies that protect the network while allowing legitimate email through. The subscription service enables fast and easy activation, and you can personalize email security policies through the Web-based administration console. Key Features: Fast and easy activation, low-cost subscription service without the need to deploy additional software or hardware... Read More

  7. MessageLabs Email Services

    MessageLabs provides services to guard against email threats such as viruses, spam, identity theft and targeted blackmail campaigns - all of which jeopardize business continuity, regulatory compliance, reputation and brand. Unsecured communications and uncontrolled content can also damage relationships with clients, partners and suppliers. Our services defend organizations against such dangers, allowing clients to control email content, and to secure... Read More

  8. Postini Integrated Message Management Security

    Postini provides a combination of content management and content analysis to block viruses, spam, phishing, IM worms, directory harvest attacks and other email and IM threats. Features Include: Virus/Worm Detection; Spam Blocking; Anti-Phishing; Connection Management... Read More

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