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Last Updated on 17 July 2006, Company: Technology Consulting Group America

Managed filtered solutions by TCG America offer enterprise services to prevent spam, viruses, phishing and other threats associated with e-mail communications. TCG America provides managed filtered e-mail solutions without the cost of investment of expensive hardware, client licenses and software. The service is managed by TCG America engineers keeping the cost at less than $25 per e-mail address per year!

TCG America Managed E-mail service provides: Anti-spam protection; Anti-virus protection; Anti-spoofing protection; Anti-phishing protection; Anti-spyware (Attachments) prevention; Denial of Service protection; Denial of service and security protection; IP block list control; Rate control protection; User-specified rules options; Spam fingerprint checks; Intention analysis checks; Bayesian analysis check; Rule-based scoring

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  1. Tiffany Stevenson Thu, 18 Jan. 2007 01:00

    No More Spam

    I got dozens of spam every day...from viagra to stock tips. The filtering service works great, and I'm less stressed about not having to deal with junk mail. I also like having outbound e-mail protection too!

    Lexpresso Internet Cafe

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