Managed security services

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Managed Security Services

  1. Secure Network Technologies Network Security Assessment

    Secure Network Technologies network security assessment process is intended to review Client's entire security Infrastructure. The security “infrastructure” consists of procedural, technical and non-technical security initiatives of the organization as a whole. Our process allows for a network security audit to gain an understanding of the various strengths and weakness existing in the Infrastructure from an external and internal perspective... Read More

  2. BAI managed Security

    BAI Security implements a "layered approach" to enterprise security, focusing on more than just firewall and/or IDS monitoring. The company's approach serves to harden the enterprise by evaluating network traffic in all applications, rather than relying only on alerts from perimeter defense systems. BAI continuously monitors and actively defends all of the following infrastructure applications in real-time on a 24x7... Read More

  3. Cervalis Managed Security

    Cervalis offers a suite of Managed Security services designed to create a blanket of protection for your business. Central to these solutions are our two High Availability Data Centers. The centers contain multiple layers of security, including physical safeguards, access control, environmental management and an uninterruptible power supply. Each data center is protected by managed firewalls, restricting access from the... Read More

  4. Square One Computer Security Services

    Square One is constantly monitoring and implementing government guidelines for network security, as covered by such acts as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. As a result, we are able to offer services tailored to the requirements that financial institutions, the health care industry, and publicly traded companies control their security risks. Square One offers a range of... Read More

  5. Sun Managed Security Services

    Sun Managed Security Services provides security management and incident prevention through event correlation and analysis tools. Sun provides a range of fixed-price security services, including provisioning, installation, around-the-clock management and monitoring (or monitoring only). Sun Managed Firewall Services provide: Firewall maintenance and log analysis; Firewall security policy that limits access based on customer requirements; Firewall architecture. Sun Managed VPN Services... Read More

  6. MaxxVault Document Management

    MaxxVault ASP decentralizes access to centralized data and documents. Accessing applications and services via MaxxVault ASP reduces dependence on installation and maintenance of applications and data on every PC or server at every business location. With MaxxVault ASP, data back-ups, software upgrades, and general IT maintenance is done on a continual basis. MaxxVault ASP supports fast, efficient, simultaneous communications between... Read More

  7. CSC Global Security Solutions

    CSC offers the following security services: Managed Security Services; Managed Intrusion Detection Service; Vulnerability Assessment Services; Application Assessments: Code Reviews; Web Application Assessments; Technology Compliance; Managed Authentication Service; Secure Mobility: Wireless and Remote Access Solutions; Peer-to-Peer Protection; Hydra Expert Assessment Technology - H.E.A.T... Read More

  8. LightEdge Solutions Managed Security

    We offer several managed security services, providing you with the tools needed for a solution for your business. Managed Security Service Features: Remotely Managed Firewall; Dynamic Packet Filtering with Stateful Inspection; Event Detection with E-mail Notification; Traffic Management; Professional Policy Implementation; Proactive Monitoring; Professional Administration & Support. Additional Services include: Managed Security VPN; Advanced Reporting; Intelligent URL Filtering... Read More

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