VeriSign Security Services

Last Updated on 21 Oct. 2005, Company: VeriSign

VeriSign Security services include: SSL Certificates: VeriSign SSL Certificates protect Web sites, intranets, and extranets for e-commerce and confidential communications with encryption to the most Web site visitors. All SSL services include the VeriSign Secured Seal. Messaging Security and Compliance Services: A solution that secures enterprises from threats and attacks while providing the tools to help meet regulatory and legislative requirements. Managed Security Services: A security program that includes management and monitoring, security intelligence, a global infrastructure, and a staff of security experts. Unified Authentication: VeriSign Unified Authentication provides a single, integrated platform for provisioning and managing all types of two-factor authentication credentials. Managed PKI Services: VeriSign enables enterprises to secure intranets, extranets, VPNs, email, and e-commerce applications while retaining control of access to information. Global Security Consulting: VeriSign Global Security Consulting combines practitioners, tools and program management to deliver security and compliance solutions. Code Signing: VeriSign code signing digital IDs help to ensure the integrity and authenticity of code and content distributed on the Internet.

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