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The ViRobot product line is capable of repairing the damage caused by over 15,000 different viruses. The software is also able to monitor running processes in the system's memory for viruses. If a virus is found in a running process, the user is given a chance to save their work, the process is then shut down, disinfected, and then restarted. ViRobot is also written with performance in mind. The software places a minimal load on the CPU during system scans.

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  1. William F. Tue, 7 Feb. 2006 01:00

    It worked for me!

    Took care of that nasty old VBS virus once and for all! It found infected files the other big antivirus softwares did'nt find. It runs fast and don't bog down the cpu. Has a clean interface and very user friendly. I would HIGHLY recommend this over the other "Big Guys".

  2. Bret Ottis Mon, 7 March 2005 01:00

    It is much better than other AVs!

    I've been in IT industry many years, Virobot's repairing capability is superior to other Antivirus. It is robust and really fixes the virus attack. I love this product and I highly recommend ViRobot to you.

  3. Denise Riley Tue, 1 March 2005 01:00

    Removing ViRobot

    When trying to remove the progam I am coming up with message InstallSheild(R) Setup Launcher is experiencing problems, then it shuts down

  4. Elco Mon, 30 Aug. 2004 02:00

    Sorry, it failed

    It seems to be a nice program but failed when i tested it. It didn't find some trojan horses like Spy.awi.2 and DLDR/INservice.c

    After the scan, I had no viruses. Scanning with ANTIVIR it found 9 viruses on my system.

    Virobot uses the latest update but faild.

  5. Jim Gunn. Fri, 14 May 2004 02:00

    Hauri ViRobot Expert.

    I'm running a trial version of ViRobot.

    Bear in mind that I don't have a virus collection to test it with.

    Some observations about ViRobot....

    Hauri's claims that ViRobot is "light" on resources is accurate.You hardly notice that it's running.

    ViRobot integrates into Outlook Express easily.

    The updates are smooth and ViRobot has a scheduler also.

    It can scan compressed files,and it does that rather quickly.

    I have read that ViRobot users can scan their pc while surfing.I found that I could do that!

    What I find intriguing about ViRobot is the focus that Hauri has on disinfecting/repairing infected files.

    I have read countless reports on the web where some prominent A/V programns will detect malware but not be able to clean the file.

    It's refreshing to see a developer address the "cleaning" part of the equation!!!

    The price and renewal terms are quite reasonable.

    I'm not "hooked" on ViRobot...yet,but I sure like what I see so far.

    If this program sounds to good to be true,try a trial of ViRobot Expert.

  6. ikenna Nwafor Fri, 21 Nov. 2003 01:00


    I have found this S/W from experience to be very effective in cleaning and restoring virus infected files. I wonder why it doesn't get proper mention in most of the reviews on the internet.

  7. Jim Tole Thu, 13 Nov. 2003 01:00

    Virus Killer

    I have installed ViRobot from my friend's recommendation, it runs very fast, found and clean over 150 viruses that other useless AVs did not clean. I've never heard of ViRobot before, now I really know this name. Highly Recommend!

  8. Ed Nash Mon, 5 May 2003 02:00

    Great Field Results

    I have used ViRobot in the field for some 3 months now. During this time, I have encountered at least 10 different viruses, including Klez, Elkern, Funlove, Nimda, Bugbear, Magistr, Sircam, Duload, sdbot, and others. In almost every instance, my client has had an antivirus software installed. In one instance, Norton had detected Sircam in a corporate network. Under the actions taken field in the virus history were the words "Left Alone". In every case, ViRobot was able to CLEAN the infected files, with a 100% data recovery rate thus far. I AM HOOKED.

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