Authentication / Smart cards

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Authentication / Smart cards

  1. Specops uReset™

    Specops uReset revolutionizes self-service password reset by enabling flexible multi-factor authentication through its support of multiple identity services ranging from social to SaaS to higher trust options. By allowing users to authenticate with various identity services, Specops uReset addresses end user usability while enhancing security with a layered approach. Specops uReset also supports pre-enrollment options, ensuring immediate adoption and the... Read More

  2. Specops Password Management

    Specops Password Management addresses both security and flexibility needs by enabling organizations to reach their appropriate level of security across multiple target systems while greatly reducing IT support costs through self-service, accessible anytime, and from any device... Read More

  3. Specops Password Policy

    Specops Password Policy helps you increase password security in your Active Directory environment. You can use Specops Password Policy to enforce password rules, meet compliance requirements and help users select stronger passwords. Specops Password Policy extends the functionality of Group Policy and allows you to configure a different set of rules for different types of users... Read More

  4. Specops Password Sync

    Specops Password Sync simplifies password management for users by allowing them to use one password across multiple systems- including on-premises and SaaS targets. Specops Password Sync instantly synchronizes Active Directory passwords to other systems, which ensures complexity is applied to all business systems... Read More

  5. Evidian Enterprise SSO

    Evidian Enterprise SSO is a solution for the step-by-step deployment of secure Enterprise Single Sign-On. By combining multi-factor authentication with a plug-and-play Single Sign-On solution, you can replace all the passwords (the user's greatest headache) by a digital signature based on a certificate, smart card, USB key, or simply a fingerprint. Access to enterprise applications can be authorized according to... Read More

  6. Entrust IdentityGuard

    Entrust IdentityGuard is a risk-based strong authentication platform that enables you to layer security across your diverse users, transactions and applications. It is a common sense approach to strong authentication that enables you to apply the right level of strong authentication tailored to the risk associated with the transaction that the user is performing... Read More

  7. Versatile Security vSEC:CMS

    The vSEC:CMS product suite provides all the software tools to administrate and manage smart cards in a secure and convenient way. The product suite consists of products that meets every organization's requirements for managing smart cards. vSEC:CMS T-Series will change your views on how to handle the lifecycle of smart cards. The product is designed as a highly flexible smart... Read More

  8. ANIXIS Password Reset

    ANIXIS Password Reset is a self-service password reset system that allows users to reset their own password, even if they have forgotten their current password. APR helps organizations to reduce help desk operating costs, improve security and increase productivity. ANIXIS Password Reset can also integrate with Password Policy Enforcer to help users choose passwords that comply with the organization's password... Read More

  9. Blackbird Auditor

    Who has access to What, Where and When? Access Manager will enforce and report on access rights and provisioning activities across Active Directory, Files, Exchange, Folders, Printers, Registry, Services, and Shares... Read More

  10. Hitachi ID Password Manager

    Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) is an enterprise solution for managing passwords and other types of credentials. It improves the security of passwords and related IT support processes, reduces the cost of user support and improves user productivity. This is done with features such as password synchronization, self-service password reset, enterprise single sign-on, PIN resets for tokens and smart... Read More

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