Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers

Last Updated on 6 Aug. 2015, Company: BitDefender

Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers brings together proactive antivirus, antimalware, antispam, antiphishing and content filtering technologies to secure the mail traffic of companies and Service Providers. The only solution to have won all VBSpam awards to date, Bitdefender consistently scores top spam detection rates with virtually no false positives. While it runs on Linux, it can protect any mail server in SMTP Proxy mode.

Key Features: Proactive perimeter security; Top-ranked antimalware and antispam technologies; Straightforward installation; Support for all popular Linux distributions; Integration with popular Linux mail servers, including Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, Courier; Web-based management console; Group-based policies; Logging and email alerts; SNMP integration; Hourly automatic updates

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