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Last Updated on 7 April 2014, Company: Vircom

With its powerful antispam technology, modusGate stops virtually all spam, malware and phishing threats. It’s installed alongside the corporate email server to filter mail traffic. Designed for “install-and-forget” scenarios, it’s equipped with self-learning logic, system alerts and end-user control.

On-Premise software for Windows Server, Integrates with Microsoft Exchange & Active Directory, Modern User Interface works on all computers, tablets and mobiles, Premium proprietary antispam technology blocks 99.7% of spam.

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  1. Richard Greenborough Thu, 3 June 2010 02:00


    ...Just plain awesome. Had trouble installing and getting it to talk to my DC. Called support -- a human actually answered! A smart one at that! Got me going right away. Switched from Barracuda. Never looking back.

  2. Andy McKenna Mon, 6 Sept. 2004 02:00

    modusGate by Vircom

    Filtering works well. Some defaults caused issues.

    Documentation with eval product is one version behind.

    Fast setup.

    Poor documentation for some features.

    Health Inventures, LLC

  3. Daryl Saunders Tue, 6 Jan. 2004 01:00

    fantastic Solution

    Since we implemented modusGate our spam problem has all but disapeared. I can not think of any other solution we would use...

  4. Greg Smith Mon, 10 Feb. 2003 01:00

    ModusGate Works ... I Don't

    What better product can you buy than one that works, doesn't have to be babysat .. micromanaged or constantly tweaked? Frees me up to take care of the important things.

    Kenetic Associates

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