Email Content Security

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Email content security

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    Netwrix Auditor for Exchange

    Netwrix Auditor for Exchange is a solution that provides comprehensive Exchange server auditing capabilities for strengthened security, streamlined compliance and optimized operations. It enables complete visibility into your Microsoft Exchange servers by monitoring and reporting all changes made to Exchange server configurations and permissions... Read More

  2. GFI MailEssentials

    GFI MailEssentials is an award-winning email security and anti-spam software solution for Exchange Server and other mail servers, which protects your network against email-borne viruses and other malware threats using up to five antivirus scanning engines and advanced email filtering technologies such as two frequently updated anti-spam engines that require no tweaking, IP reputation filtering, greylisting, directory harvesting attack protection... Read More

  3. SafeSend

    SafeSend has established itself as the leading enterprise solution for preventing accidental data leakage by email. SafeSend was developed as a solution to a problem: “To prevent the accidental emailing of confidential emails outside the company domain by mistake”. Today it is a trusted product in use by many organizations around the world, protecting organizations from accidentally transmitting sensitive information... Read More

  4. ControlNow ControlEmail

    Protect your business from the escalating volume of email-borne threats. ControlEmail is powered by continuously updated security engines and filters to identify and block virtually all spam and malicious threats before they reach your network. Real-time message source analysis checks IP reputation and reacts to incoming mail, as well as uses multiple signature-based and pattern recognition technologies to analyze mail... Read More

  5. ActiveSync Protector

    AG ActiveSync Filter is a solution for controlling who and what to Sync when users connect to Exchange server with mobile devices. More and more companies encourage their employees to work with their mobile devices implementing Bring Your Own (BYO) strategy to save money and improve efficiency.But from a security point of view, mobile smart phones are in fact mini... Read More

  6. SecurityGateway for Exchange / SMTP Servers

    SecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers provides affordable inbound and outbound email security with a powerful spam filter that serves as a Microsoft Exchange or SMTP firewall. Its multiple analysis tools separate threats from legitimate email, while leveraging proven anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and anti-spoofing technologies to produce a 99% spam blocking rate and achieve nearly zero false-positive results. SecurityGateway... Read More

  7. bt-Enterprise

    Burstek, a leader in the development and deployment of content filtering software, now offers a total package for Internet security, bt-Enterprise... Read More

  8. eSafe

    An integrated solution delivering all the components required for corporate content security, providing proactive content filtering and Internet policy enforcement. It protects the entire enterprise from threats including viruses, spam, Trojans, worms, malicious code, and inappropriate and non-productive material. eSafe solutions are suitable for small to very large networks and support full content security of very high capacity Internet traffic... Read More

  9. FileAssurity OpenPGP

    Encrypt and digitally signs files, folders, emails. Securely delete them beyond recovery. Store and share information securely, including communications with PGP and other OpenPGP systems without the usual complexity. FA OpenPGP has the latest Government grade security and uses full strength PKI technology to protect your information... Read More

  10. Omniquad Mailwall 3.01

    Removes all types of e-mail threats before they affect your network. Mailwall will protect your mail domain by receiving inbound mail first, checking it and forwarding it to your mailserver. Outbound mail can also be configured to be received by Mailwall from your mail server and delivered by Mailwall after checking it. Mailwall intercepts all e-mail messages on your network,... Read More

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