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A frequently updated list of useful free utilities for network security professionals and administrators.

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    Record and Replay all remote user sessions on your network servers. Any remote access or console session is searchable and ready for playback! Protocol-agnostic: ObserveIT records Terminal Server, Citrix, Remote Desktop, SSH, VMware and more. ObserveIT makes easy work out of security audits by generating video and text logs for everything that happens on your servers. (Even for apps that... Read More

  2. Netwrix Auditor – Active Directory (Freeware)

    The product tracks changes to users, groups, OUs, and all other types of AD objects and fills major gaps found in Microsoft native auditing. It generates reports and features real-time alerts that show who changed what, when and where in your Active Directory indicating "before" and "after" values for all modified settings The Freeware Edition also features a free support... Read More

  3. GFI LANguard

    GFI LANguard is a complete network vulnerability management solution that allows you to scan, detect, assess and remediate security vulnerabilities and provides patch management functionality. This solution scans the entire network, performs over 15,000 vulnerability assessments and identifies possible security threats. The complete and thorough vulnerability assessment database includes standards such as OVAL (2,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20. GFI... Read More

  4. Netwrix Auditor – Generic Events (Freeware)

    The tool allows you to collect event logs and syslog events from multiple computers across the network. It alerts and reports on most critical events and stores the event log data in a compressed format for ongoing analysis. The Freeware Edition supports up to 10 servers and features a free support... Read More

  5. Netwrix Auditor – User Session Activity (Freeware)

    The product acts like a surveillance camera for your servers, recording all user activity for later review. The tool records dynamic screen activity, providing essential auditing visibility to critical applications that are not accessible through traditional event-log-based auditing solutions. Netwrix VideoScape playback technology lets you jump to a specific activity and watch the actual actions performed as if you were... Read More

  6. Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner (Freeware)

    Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner is a completely free product designed for troubleshooting of account lockouts. Should an account lockout occur, the tool will alert the personnel in charge and provide a quick way for effective resolution. That means, if users or services start to experience a lockout issue, Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner will allow you to fix those issues immediately... Read More

  7. Netwrix File Server (Freeware)

    The product audits and reports on file server changes and access events. It generates reports on changes and access to file servers, including changes and access attempts to files, folders, shares, and permissions. The tool helps to monitor day-to-day modifications therefore mitigating the risks associated with delegated administration. The Freeware Edition also features a free support... Read More

  8. WinUtilities Process Security

    WinUtilities Process Security is a powerful Task Manager shows all active processes on your computer. You can easily recognize the endangering potential of each process. No other Task Manager or Process Viewer has this feature. Furthermore you can put a process into quarantine or search the internet for information about that process... Read More

  9. NeXpose Community Edition

    The NeXpose Community Edition is a free, single-user vulnerability management solution specifically designed for very small organization or individual use. NeXpose Community Edition is powered by the same scan engine as award-winning NeXpose Enterprise and offers many of the same features. Support is available via the extensive online Community... Read More

  10. Wireshark

    Wireshark is a network packet analyzer. A network packet analyzer will try to capture network packets and tries to display that packet data as detailed as possible... Read More

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