Group Policy Management

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Group Policy Management

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    Netwrix Auditor – Group Policy

    Netwrix Auditor delivers an extensive depth of visibility into GPO changes. This product sends daily reports detailing every single change made to Group Policy configuration. The reports list newly created and deleted GPOs, GPO link changes, changes made to audit policy, password policy, software deployment, user desktops, and all other settings. Key Features include: clear display of ‘Who changed what,... Read More

  2. GPO Automation Engine

    Manually having to report on or modify Group Policy settings across your many GPOs is time consuming. Now you can automate modification and audits of Group Policy settings in a repeatable and self-documenting way-saving time and money and preventing costly configuration errors from crippling your environment... Read More

  3. Quest GPOADmin

    Group Policy Manager offers Group Policy Object (GPO) management capabilities, so organizations can deploy and manage GPOs for better security and control of their IT infrastructure. Built to augment the Microsoft GPMC, Group Policy Manager provides GPO management with additional features such as version control, offline GPO editing, enhanced RSoP reporting, archival and restoration, templates, change notification and approval, quick... Read More

  4. NetIQ Group Policy Administrator

    NetIQ Group Policy Administrator is a solution for planning, controlling, troubleshooting and reporting on Group Policy changes. . Key Features and Benefits: Offers secure offline repository by reducing the number of privileged accounts, offering secure offline Group Policy management without having to provide permissions within Active Directory; Provides workflow and delegation model by allowing you to push the administration of... Read More

  5. PolicyPak

    PolicyPak helps IT administrators maintain control of their users' computers even if end-users are doing everything they can to mess up their desktops and applications. PolicyPak delivers settings to any Windows application, and ensures that those settings are locked down, and consistent – whatever desktop they utilize. PolicyPak guarantees that IT and business directives are adhered to by users. Create... Read More

  6. Specops Active Directory Janitor

    Regular maintenance of your Active Directory is important for many reasons. One must first understand that the Active Directory database exists on each Domain Controller. So if you have many domain controllers, the information in the Active Directory database is replicated between the doamin controllers on preset intervalls. Two important pieces in the Active Directory database are the User accounts... Read More

  7. Active Administrator

    The main purpose of Active Directory is to provide central authentication and authorization services. Active Directory has native tools for basic administration, but, lack enterprise-class management capabilities that give administrators the ability to view, audit and report on the ever-changing state of their Active Directory infrastructure. Active Administrator is an Active Directory management and auditing solution that takes over where... Read More

  8. Specops Password Policy

    Since passwords are the primary authentication method in Active Directory, strong password policies are essential for securing access. Specops Password Policy, enforces password complexity rules defined by your organization. A significant limitation with standard password functionality is that only a single complexity rule can be applied across the entire domain, affecting all user accounts in the same way independent of... Read More

  9. EmpowerID Group Manager

    Groups are currently the most widely adopted method of managing application and resource security; yet 70% of organizations do not have a reliable group management solution. Gaining control over group membership is an essential step in any enterprise compliance initiative. EmpowerID Group Manager provides organizations with centralized workflow and role-driven automation of the entire group lifecycle management process and enables... Read More

  10. Blackbird Auditor

    Blackbird auditor proactively tracks, audits, reports, and alerts on vital configuration changes—in real-time and without the overhead of native auditing. Automatically generate intelligent, in-depth forensics for auditors and management—and reduce the risks associated with day-to-day modifications... Read More

  11. Specops Inventory

    Get full IT asset tracking and thus control of all software licenses, hardware information, user profiles and much more in just a few simple steps by using Specops Inventory, an extension to Group Policy. Installation and usage is simple and straightforward, and you will be up and running in hours, not days, weeks or even months - which is the... Read More

  12. Specops Virtual Deploy

    Specops Virtual Deploy is new product from Specops Software that makes it possible to take advantage of Microsoft App-V application virtualization directly, using only existing investments in infrastructure and knowledge. This is accomplished by combining the power of Group Policy and Microsoft App-V to make two great stories even better. With Specops Virtual Deploy, providing Microsoft App-V virtual applications to... Read More

  13. GPAnywhere

    GPAnywhere allows “portable” policies to be created from Group Policy Objects and apply them to any end point including a Virtual Application. GPAnywhere makes Group Policy “portable” to reach beyond AD. GPAnywhere lets you: Create portable policies; Deliver policies to target devices anywhere; Enforce policies on target devices; Use policy to manage devices outside AD... Read More

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