Network Auditing

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Network Auditing

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    Netwrix Auditor

    Netwrix Auditor is an affordable change and configuration auditing platform that enables complete visibility into what is happening across the entire IT infrastructure by auditing changes made to security configurations, systems and data - who changed what, when and where. This streamlines compliance, strengthens security and simplifies root cause analysis... Read More

  2. LepideAuditor Suite

    LepideAuditor Suite is the latest offering by Lepide Software. Presenting an all-inclusive package for auditing Active Directory, Group Policy Objects, and Exchange Servers, Lepide AD Suite ensures that you don’t miss out on a single bit of business critical information. Any changes in AD, Exchange Server and Group Policies are reported and custom reports provide the option to be aware... Read More

  3. Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory

    Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory is an affordable change and configuration auditing solution that delivers complete visibility into what is happening in your Active Directory and Group Policy. It allows you to monitor, report and alert on critical changes, assess the system configuration at any point in time and perform AD recovery. For complete peace of mind the solution audits... Read More

  4. Netwrix Auditor for File Servers

    Netwrix Auditor for File Servers is a solution for auditing changes to configurations of your Windows-based file servers. It delivers detailed change auditing reports, ensures visibility by providing system snapshots, helps maintain security and compliance protect by auditing file permissions and access events. For complete peace of mind the solution provides auditing of the underlying Windows Server OS configurations, records... Read More

  5. Panda Cloud Office Protection

    Panda Cloud Office Protection is an SaaS service for PCs, laptops and file servers. Panda Cloud Office Protection provides SaaS security for your endpoints, proactive antimalware protection connected to Collective Intelligence in real time, personal firewall (centrally or locally managed), device control, web-based management, and more... Read More

  6. GFI LANguard

    GFI LANguard is a complete network vulnerability management solution that allows you to scan, detect, assess and remediate security vulnerabilities and provides patch management functionality. This solution scans the entire network, performs over 15,000 vulnerability assessments and identifies possible security threats. The complete and thorough vulnerability assessment database includes standards such as OVAL (2,000+ checks) and SANS Top 20. GFI... Read More

  7. Dell Enterprise Reporter

    Enterprise Reporter is a scalable solution for auditing, analyzing and reporting on the configuration of Microsoft® Active Directory®, Windows Server® and SQL Server® across the enterprise. Predefined and customizable reporting tools make it easy to perform compliance and security assessments, pre- and post-migration analysis and configuration change history auditing—enabling successful IT audits, informed strategic planning and proactive management for Microsoft®... Read More

  8. Titania Nipper Studio

    During a network audit Nipper Studio processes the devices’ native configurations and enables you to create a variety of different audit reports. By using traditional methodology for your network audit, such as manual Penetration Testing, Agent-based software and Network Scanners, you could experience various drawbacks, which does not affect Nipper Studio security audit software. Stay secure as our security audit... Read More

  9. Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise (ARKWE)

    ARK for Windows Enterprise, or ARKWE in short is a Windows reporting solution that provides details about infrastructure and security. It provides complete coverage of the software and hardware inventory on the network where it runs. The reports provide a peek into System Events, Security Events and Application Events. It does not require the installation of an agent and the... Read More

  10. Vyapin ARK for IIS

    ARK for IIS provides detailed IIS configuration information covering several web servers and sites. It is very useful in tracking and reporting on web servers hosting multiple sites and virtual directories, along with their configuration data and security information. It does not require the installation of an agent and can deliver reports on the same machine where installed. It automatically... Read More

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