Retina Network Security Scanner

Last Updated on 3 Nov. 2014, Company: BeyondTrust

Retina Network Security Scanner identifies known network security vulnerabilities and assists in prioritizing threats for remediation. Featuring accurate and non-intrusive scanning, users are able to secure their networks against vulnerabilities. Users can also leverage Retina for security risk assessment, project risk management and enforcing standards-based registry settings through custom policy audits.

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  1. Jason Bennett Fri, 27 June 2003 02:00

    Awesome - but expensive!

    This is an awesome product, but under their most recent licensing agreement, you will pay an arm and a leg if you have more than 1000 nodes to scan. 2048 nodes is upward of around $20,000.

  2. rabbak Mon, 28 Oct. 2002 01:00


    Retina is a must have product, you can make scripts in it, add something special, and at least it came from Eeye


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