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  1. VPN-1 Power

    VPN-1 Power security gateways provide an active defense that enables you to secure your most demanding sites - such as core networks or data centers. A central element of Check Point's unified security architecture, VPN-1 Power adapts as new applications are introduced and new threats appear—delivering proactive protection for new technologies such as VoIP or instant messaging and against whole... Read More

  2. Celestix MSA Threat Management Gateway Series

    Celestix MSA security appliances deliver Microsoft's Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 for unmatched multi-threat protection with industry-leading ease of use and value. Performance, reliability, and ease of deployment/management backed by expert Celestix customer support have made MSA the world's best-selling Microsoft security appliances... Read More

  3. WatchGuard Remote Access Solutions

    The WatchGuard SSL 100 & 560 Remote Access Solutions are easy-to-use, secure remote access solutions providing reliable client and clientless connectivity to corporate data and resources, such as email, file shares and CRM. These all-in-one appliances offer the flexibility to provide basic access to networks with an auto-loading client, as well as more sophisticated access to web-based resources and non-native... Read More

  4. Cisco ASA 5500-X Series

    The Cisco ASA 5500-X Series helps organizations to balance security with productivity. It combines the industry's most deployed stateful inspection firewall with comprehensive next-generation network security services. Site-to-site VPNs provide an Internet-based WAN infrastructure to extend network resources to branch offices, home offices, and business partner sites. All traffic between sites is encrypted using IPsec protocol. Cisco VPNs integrate network... Read More

  5. Winfrasoft VPN-Q 2010

    VPN-Q 2010 takes remote access security to the next level. VPN-Q 2010 is a multi-layer remote access gateway solution which implements real-world security principles by layering strong authentication, health state checking, quarantine control, network access controls and protocol filtering in a single solution. Costs are kept low as there is no need up upgrade network equipment, server Operating Systems or... Read More

  6. ViPNet OFFICE

    ViPNet OFFICE is a software-based VPN solution with additional features that go far beyond the classic VPN. The exceptional flexibility of ViPNet technology allows you to fulfil highly flexible VPN scenarios for mobile users or to build highly secure virtual departments within your network. ViPNet OFFICE can be implemented quickly and easily into existing network structures without interrupting or modifying... Read More

  7. Securepoint Security UTM Software

    All Securepoint Security UTM Systems can be configured and administered either with the Security Wizard for a quick start or with the Security Manager for the system-expert. Firewall with Deep Stateful Package Inspection: Monitoring of incoming and outgoing internet-data-traffic on an application level inn order to protect critical network resources; VPN: Safe connection of subsidiaries and the provision of remote-access... Read More

  8. AccessPoint SSL VPN Software

    Menlo Logic's SSL VPN Solutions provide software for Enterprises, System Integrators, and Network Equipment Manufacturers... Read More

  9. Barracuda SSL VPN

    The Barracuda SSL VPN is an integrated hardware and software solution enabling secure, clientless remote access to internal network resources from any Web browser. Designed for remote employees and road warriors, the Barracuda SSL VPN provides comprehensive control over file systems and Web-based applications requiring external access. The Barracuda SSL VPN integrates with third-party authentication mechanisms to control user access... Read More

  10. VTCP/Secure

    InfoExpress' software-based VTCP/Secure is a remote VPN/extranet solution for large enterprises. It extends the security protection of a corporate network to remote users over safe Internet connections. VTCP/Secure offers a unique feature to transparently traverse corporate firewalls, proxy servers, and NAT devices to create a secure tunnel between the remote user's system and corporate network. The software requires no end... Read More

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