Websense Web Security Suite

Last Updated on 13 March 2013, Company: Websense

Websense Web Security Suite provides an integrated internet security solution, protecting organizations from both internal and external web-based threats. Proactive protection from internet threats: Blocks known threats before they reach the desktop - Websense identifies security threats-including spyware, malcode, phishing, pharming, keylogging and backchannel communication. Blocks known threats before they reach the desktop - scans and classifies over 350 million websites per week for malicious activity and adds over 450 unique malicious websites and 250 unique malicious applications to the Websense Master Database each week. Identifies new threats - Real-time security updates are available within minutes of the discovery of a new high-risk threat with no administrative intervention required-unlike antivirus solutions that may take days to deploy. And more...

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