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  1. Backup Encryption

    How to encrypt backup tapes using more than one method. This article also covers performance issues related to encrypted backups... Read More

  2. How Do You Know Your Data Encryption is Really Secure

    A thought provoking article regarding data encryption, that insures you think about the various things required to be sure your data is really secure like you intended it!... Read More

  3. Rainbow Tables & RainbowCrack Introduction

    Rainbow tables reduce the difficulty in brute force cracking a single password by creating a large pre-generated data set of hashes from nearly every possible password. Rainbow Tables are popular with a particularly weak password algorithm known as Microsoft LM hash. LM stands for LAN Manager, this password algorithm was used in earlier days of Windows and still lives on... Read More

  4. Key Iterations & Cryptographic Salts

    The following document discusses the use of key iterations and cryptographic salts to stop dictionary attacks in password based encryption (symmetric cryptography)... Read More

  5. Master-Key Cryptosytems

  6. Minimal Key Lengths for Symmetric Ciphers to Provide Adequate Commercial Security

  7. My life as an international arms courier

  8. Yarrow-160: Notes on the Design and Analysis of the Yarrow Cryptographic Pseudorandom Number Generator

  9. Software Generation of Practically Strong Random Numbers

  10. Cryptanalytic Attacks on Pseudorandom Number Generators

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