Disaster Recovery

Last Updated on 24 Jan. 2013, Total: 12 White Papers

  1. Importance of File Level Backup

    File level backup is another way of taking backups for the files and folders residing on a storage volume, keying on backups for mission critical data which results in having more than one layer of data protection at a lower price tag... Read More

  2. Common Mistakes in Business Resumption Planning: Part III (Avoiding Deadly Mistakes)

  3. Common Mistakes in Business Resumption Planning: Part II (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)

  4. Using Water-Inflated Barriers for Flood Protection

  5. Comdisco Advanced Recovery Solutions: Reducing the Time to Recover; Improving the Currency of Data

  6. A South Louisiana Guide to Living with Hurricanes

  7. Floodwalls

  8. Professional Practices for Business Continuity Planners

  9. Using Levees for Flood Protection

  10. Using Panels as Closures in Flood Protection -

  11. Using Sandbags for Flood Protection

  12. An Integrated Framework for Security and Dependability

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