Harmless hacking book

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  1. Hacking with Win95/NT 3

    How to Break into Windows 95 from the Internet, continued... Read More

  2. Hacking with Win95/NT 2

    How to Telnet, How to Break into a Windows 95 Computers from the Internet... Read More

  3. Getting Serious With Windows95

    All I have is Win95, will I ever learn to hack?.....YES!... Read More

  4. Computer Crime Law Series

    Confucius say: "Cracker who gets busted doing one of these crimes, will spend long time in jail house soup."... Read More

  5. Introduction to Hacker Wargaming

  6. Real Hackers:Harold

  7. Real Hackers

  8. How to Program in C 2

  9. How to Program in C

  10. Hacking with Win95/NT

    Batch files... Read More

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